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Not only do we clean rugs, we also specialize in rug repair, rug restoration and guaranteed pet odor removal. We also sell customized rug padding to protect your precious rugs. We Offer FREE estimates, pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

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Your rug is considered one of the decorative commodities in your house. But actually, having a rug in your house implies a huge responsibility. This is because of the simple fact that rug or carpet can get dirty very easily due to their placement. Yes, it’s not displayed on your ceiling or wall. But it’s on the floor, receiving all kinds of dirt. In addition to this, when rugs get dirty, they are not easily cleaned up. It would require much time and effort. Furthermore, when your rugs’ fabric, stitches or the outskirts get damaged or holed out, it is already the end of it. The damaged area will get doubled as time passes by. Of course, a damaged rug is not very lovely to see. It actually ruins the overall appearance of your room. Then you will just decide to take it off and put it in the storage room.

Your Rug or Carpet Needs Cleaning and Repairing ?
Rugs, especially priceless ones like Oriental rugs, deserve to be cleaned and fixed. Oriental Rug Cleaning is your partner to fix all the problems of your rugs. Any rug issue can be handled by our staff. Whether your rugs need reweaving, or major restoration, we can do the job perfectly. We are certified with skills that can take away all the worries you have with your valuable Oriental rugs.

Types of Oriental Rugs That We Service : 

  • Custom Oriental Rugs
  • Designer Oriental Rugs
  • Discount Oriental Rugs
  • Flokati Oriental Rugs
  • Floor Oriental Rugs
  • Floral Oriental Rugs
  • Gabbeh Oriental Rugs
  • Hallway Oriental Rugs
  • Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs
  • Handmade Oriental Rugs
  • Hooked Oriental Rugs
  • Indoor Oriental Rugs
  • Indoor Outdoor Oriental Rugs
  • Industrial Oriental Rugs
  • Iranian Oriental Rugs
  • Tufted Oriental Rugs
  • Round Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Oriental Rugs
  • Oval Oriental Rugs
  • Outdoor Oriental Rugs
  • Oriental Oriental Rugs
  • Nourison Oriental Rugs
  • Accent Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Oriental Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Persian Oriental Rugs
  • Aubusson Oriental Rugs
  • Bamboo Oriental Rugs
  • Bathroom Oriental Rugs
  • Braided Oriental Rugs
  • Carpet Oriental Rugs
  • Cheap Oriental Rugs
  • Children’s Oriental Rugs
  • Chinese Oriental Rugs
  • Commercial Oriental Rugs Contemporary
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Cotton Oriental Rugs
  • Tropical Oriental Rugs
  • Navajo Oriental Rugs
  • Momeni Oriental Rugs
  • Mohawk Oriental Rugs
  • Modern Oriental Rugs
  • Kitchen Oriental Rugs
  • Wool Oriental Rugs
  • Jute Oriental Rugs
  • Karastan Oriental Rugs
  • Kids Oriental Rugs
  • Kilim Oriental Rugs
  • Kitchen Oriental Rugs
  • Modern Oriental Rugs
  • Mohawk Oriental Rugs
  • Momeni Oriental Rugs
  • Navajo Oriental Rugs
  • Nourison Oriental Rugs
  • Oriental Oriental Rugs
  • Outdoor Oriental Rugs
  • Oval Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Oriental Rugs
  • Woven Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Oriental Rugs
  • Kilim Oriental Rugs
  • Kids Oriental Rugs
  • Karastan Oriental Rugs
  • Jute Oriental Rugs
  • Isfahan Oriental Rugs
Rug Repair Fort Lauderdale

Additionally, we repair holes, fix unwoven stitches, weave worn out designs, or anything. Name it and we can fix it. We just do not fix your rugs for the sake of restoring what has been lost to them; we fix your rugs in order to make them more attractive.

We feature our superior skills in repairing defective rugs because we really engage careful procedures in repairing them. We use our bare hands as much as possible to cautiously fix them.

Moreover, you can just hand your rugs at Oriental Rug Cleaning and we are more than willing to examine your rugs and identify what needs to be done with them. We can give you options or you can provide us with what you want us to work with your rugs as well.

Oriental Rug Repair Service is committed to restore the beauty of your rug by employing a full time rug repair expert who is capable of mending the flaws of your treasured floor embellishment. In case the fringe on your rug is worn out or has become unwoven, our staff can re-weave that. We also do complete replacement of fringes. Additionally, if a woven rug has a hole; our staff can help you fix it by reweaving and doing the necessary rug restoration. We are also committed to hand sew the binding that will keep the rug close to its original appearance as possible. Nevertheless, in case your rug needs repair, we will inspect it and give you options to fix the problem. Our rug repair expert’s aim is to return your rug to its best condition that will surely give you delight.


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Oriental rug care has been putting hand made silk fringe on rugs for years, I would say this is a signature of our company. Yes, putting individual strings of silk at the end of a rug is time consuming but the end result is magnificent.

We have many shades of 100% silk yarn, lets discuss what is the right shade of silk to make your silk rug look new again, give us a call and if you can’t make it to our shop we can mail you the options so you can pick what is right for you rug. This is a small example of our commitment to customer service.

Silk Fringes Repair Fort Lauderdale

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