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Today when I walked into our Fort lauderdale facility. I am always pleased with our repair room. Not only do we do oriental rug cleaning we do rug repair. Our repair room is currently under new construction as we need to color coordinate all the new wool samples that we just have received. I will later show the completed room once I am done organizing.  We currently have the largest wool selection in Fort lauderdale for rug repair.  There is no color wool we can’t find. It’s why so many of our customers not only clean rugs in our facility but they trust us to repair their rugs.  Take a look at the attached photos. Notice how I meticuslously try to color coordinate the sprools of wool.   Also take a look at what rug repair and quality fringe work looks like.   Till I blog again on Monday eveyone have a great weekend and yes we are open on Saturday but only till 12:30. Come on is and check us and take a tour. Be safe and have a great weekend.


Red dye no more: Rug Color Repairing Process Fort Lauderdale

When people as us do we just clean rugs. Well my answer is definitely NO. This rug came into our fort lauderdale facility today by another company. This company tried washing this rug and as you can see from the video the rug bled. So instead of having to break bad news to their client, they brought the here.  This video reminds me of a magic trick or something with illusions. Here we are treating the areas where the red dye ran onto the white tan parts of the rug using our solution. The red dye just disappears right fronm the rug in the spots that it needs to . As you can see no other parts of the rug were effected as he presssed his paintbrush into the rug.  See just when you think your rug may be ruined, think again. See we are more than just rug cleanining we are rug care specialist.

Just Fixing Fringe Fort Lauderdale

We are having a busy week here at our Fort Lauderdale facility. Not only do we clean oriental rugs, and exotic  rugs. Look at this video at our repair work to fringe. We pride ourselves on fringe repair. Not only that we, have the largest wool collection in fort lauderdale. You really should come check us out and take a look around.  Even if you don’t I will be posting about our wool collection in tomorrow’s blog. Enjoy the videos. Ask us questions . We  are local and we support local and we to believe in giving back to our community. On top of providing excellent services we also offer  free pickup and delivery all around town . Wait until I show pictures of our van.

Rug Cleaning and Restoration Ft. Lauderdale

Being in the rug cleaning and restoration for almost 30 years one would think we would have virtually every shade of color of wool but we don’t. We have probably the most extensive collection of wool currently in South Florida, in fact thousands of shades of colors!! We have recently worked out an arrangement with partners overseas to make us natural dye wool. This type of wool is very difficult to acquire. We have been told that once it is used in a rug weave, there usually isn’t any waste. So with that being the case we decided to have to wool made rather then just wait for a color or two to show up on the auction sites and have to bid against a bunch of people to see who will over pay the most!

Rug Cleaning Ft. Lauderdale

We are looking for to have in stock an extensive collection on vintage colors of natural dyed wool or some say vegetable dye wool. This way we will never have to hunt around again for natural color wool again!

Rug Repair Services

Custom Cut Rug in Fort Lauderdale Area

Have you ever found a rug that you said you must have then you went home and measure the room and it is too big?  No problem for us, our repair people can reduce the size of the rug and make it the perfect sized rug for the room.  When we work with high end rugs we do not like to use machines on it to surge the sides to make it shorter, rather we like to hand sew it with the matching wool color so it looks like it was originally done in the village it was weaved in.  Our extensive wool collection is something that we are very proud of.  It has taken many years to come up with the collection we currently have and we don’t intend to stop collecting.  We know that color, especially in fashion changes often.  ‘We continue to buy wool that is in fashion and out of fashion because we love the art of wool and color and having the ability to do the best repair work possible.

Resizing rug adding a boarder Fort Lauderdale

So if you have a favorite great room and you are downsizing to a smaller house or condominium you can turn part of it to a runner and the other piece to the main rug.  There is many possibilities.  We invite you to come by our shop and chat with our repair team and we can create the dream rug for you and the room it is going to go in.