How To remove Nail polish from Carpet

It can be very ugly and makes you upset and irritated when you found that nail polish has been spilled  all over the carpet. Probably your reaction will be “what can I do now?”.  Don’t worry, just calm down, it’s not permanent, it’s removable. It’s very easy to remove nail polish from the carpet, without loosing the charm of your favorite carpet. It doesn’t matter what is the color of the nail polish’ just read on to learn how to remove nail polish from carpet.

Nail Polish Removing from the Carpet

In this section of the article,are describe some tips about the removing of the scattered nail polish from your carpet.

If you want to remove it completely from your carpet, you have to remember to dry the stain from nail polish before remove it. If it is not dry, then Leave sometime for drying. Trying to remove the wet stain may spread it around increasing the stained area. After drying, scrap it thoroughly. Take care of the carpet while doing this. Before starting to remove the stain,you should apply it in a corner of your carpet to check if the color of the carpet is retained. Else, you will remove the stain successfully but leave a whitish patch in the same area.

Use Nail Polish Remover

You can use the nail polish remover in the center of the stain and allow it to penetrate thoroughly for a short while. With the help of the paper towel, blot the area completely. Remember that don’t rub it on the stain. This will transfer the nail polish onto the kitchen paper. Let the stained area dry completely.

Use Window/ Glass Cleaner

It’s also a good idea to use a window or glass cleaner to get rid from the nail polish stains.It gives immediate results. Rub it over the stain with a utensil scrubber and then with a damp cotton fabric.

With the Shaving Foam

You can also use the white shaving foam. It will be a good for pulling out the stain. Don’t apply the gel kind. Put it over the stain and rub it in a circular motion with a scrubbing brush or a nailbrush. After that, rub it with a damp cloth.

Amyl Acetate

Apply it on the nail polish stain. With the help of an absorbent pad with amyl acetate and use it to cover the stain. After 15 minutes, loosen this stain by scratching it repeatedly. Don’t be too harsh while doing this, it may damage the carpet. Now, clean it with a dry-cleaning solvent.

Use Acetone

Soak a towel in the acetone and dab it repeatedly on the nail polish. Spray water once the stain is gone. To drying, dab the towel area with a dry towel.

Baking Soda

It is also a good idea to use the baking powder to remove it. To making past mixing it with the worm water and then apply it on the stained area. You can scrub it down after sometime and finish by drying with a damp cloth.

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