Testiomony Tuesdays

Here at Oriental rug care. We are more than just rug cleaning. I know how some will say “oh all you do it clean rugs, or wash carpets. We feel we are more than that. Yes we clean your carpets and rugs, but we also give back and listen to the people. We interact with members and local business of our communites. We want to see change happen in our areas.  We host events, we donate to charity, we are out and about in our community. So yes we are your local rug cleaners but we are also here for a community.

Check out this awesome testimony from one of the local members and not to mention a loyal customer. We are always here to help

Before and after Photos – Rug Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Customer brought her new rug into our fort lauderdale facility. As you can see from the pictures her rug was covered in soot from her burning the incense candles. She asked is we could make her gray rug white again. So what do you think happened? Well we washed her rug and treated it with our  enzymes as you can see in the after photos her rug is white again. We pride ourselves in exper and professional rug cleaning and restoration services. Not only do we specialize in exotice and oriental rugs. We also specialize in animal skin and exotic rugs.

Rug Cleaning Before Pic

Rug Cleaning After Pic

Detailing Fringe Rugs – Fringe Cleaning Services in Ft. Lauderdale

This is what really happends here at Oriental Rug care. We pay attention to the details. Thats right the details.  In this video you can see our specialist paying attention to the fringe. We are the best at detailing the rugs fringe. This was taken in our fort lauderdale location, however we do service all of south Florida. We offer free quotes free pickup and free delivery. Not to mention we roll up in a pretty cool looking truck.

Final Preparation – Rug Cleaning and Repair Services Palm Beach


The final stages of what we do when we are done hand washing rugs in our facility. We have to send them back to their owners. Check out our little video of what happens when the rug is cleaned. This video shows not only our facility in whick we own, but it shows that we take care of your rugs.  As we gently roll them up to tuck them away. This is why we do what we love and love what we do.  Come on down to Oriental Rug care and let one of our specialist take care of you.

Dye Correction – Rug Care Service in Miami

This rug came in as what we like to call a “bleeder”. What that means is that due to the color in the rug when wet the dye will run onto the frings and cause the fringe to be discolored. What we do or better yet what we are known for here at Oriental Rug Care is our detail to fringe. As seen in this video you can see just how white we get the fringe.  That is why we are the best in rug cleaning and restoration. We understand that we must pay attention to the details when it comes to rug cleaning.