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Not only do we clean rugs, we also specialize in rug repair, rug restoration and guaranteed pet odor removal. We also sell customized rug padding to protect your precious rugs. We Offer FREE estimates, pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

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Types of Oriental Rugs That We Service :

  • Custom Oriental Rugs
  • Designer Oriental Rugs
  • Discount Oriental Rugs
  • Flokati Oriental Rugs
  • Floor Oriental Rugs
  • Floral Oriental Rugs
  • Gabbeh Oriental Rugs
  • Hallway Oriental Rugs
  • Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs
  • Handmade Oriental Rugs
  • Hooked Oriental Rugs
  • Indoor Oriental Rugs
  • Indoor Outdoor Oriental Rugs
  • Industrial Oriental Rugs
  • Iranian Oriental Rugs
  • Tufted Oriental Rugs
  • Round Oriental Rugs
  • Accent Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Oriental Oriental Rugs
  • Antique Persian Oriental Rugs
  • Aubusson Oriental Rugs
  • Bamboo Oriental Rugs
  • Bathroom Oriental Rugs
  • Braided Oriental Rugs
  • Carpet Oriental Rugs
  • Cheap Oriental Rugs
  • Children’s Oriental Rugs
  • Chinese Oriental Rugs
  • Commercial Oriental Rugs Contemporary
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Cotton Oriental Rugs
  • Tropical Oriental Rugs
  • Momeni Oriental Rugs
  • Wool Oriental Rugs
  • Jute Oriental Rugs
  • Karastan Oriental Rugs
  • Kids Oriental Rugs
  • Kilim Oriental Rugs
  • Kitchen Oriental Rugs
  • Modern Oriental Rugs
  • Mohawk Oriental Rugs
  • Navajo Oriental Rugs
  • Nourison Oriental Rugs
  • Oriental Oriental Rugs
  • Outdoor Oriental Rugs
  • Oval Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Oriental Rugs
  • Woven Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Oriental Rugs
  • Isfahan Oriental Rugs

Get the best services to restore your Oriental Rugs at Oriental Rug Cleaning Service. We take care of the oriental rugs and restore it to its former glory and appeal. We clean the carpets by hand so that no stain remains unattended.

Moreover, carpets are designed to bring warmth, decoration and protection for your house especially to your floor. But as time passes by, this beauty can turn to be an ugly item when dust, dirt and debris start to be collected and accumulated in the carpet. Hair, feathers, dead skin and dandruff can easily get attached to the carpets. These give unpleasant outcomes to your carpets. At first, you may not notice them but later on, you will find that your carpet has a nasty smell and ugly stains. Liquid that are spilled into the carpet that do not dry up immediately will give your carpet a bad smell and stains which do not appear obviously right away.

If these unpleasant smell and ugly stains are neglected, your carpet will shift from being a protection into being a germ carrier. Dirty carpets will become a haven of bacteria which can cause diseases among family members. Carpets that are neglected for cleaning also turn to be an unfriendly sight. You will eventually realize that your carpet is losing its vivid color as well as its rich texture.

Rug Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Before it is too late, get your carpet at for rug restoration to bring back its beauty and take away the harmful and displeasing things attached to it. At, you get the best services for your Oriental carpets. There is neither stain that we cannot remove nor unpleasant smell that we cannot eliminate. Along with this, bacteria from your carpet are also washed away.

We restore the original beauty and elegance with our procedures that involve extreme care in handling your Oriental carpets. All the hardened stains that appear to be hopeless will be removed without scraping the original color where the stains have been located. We encourage you to have a periodic schedule of bringing you carpets to us. We save old and worn out carpets and bring back their elegance.

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Service, we assure you that your Oriental carpet is safe and will look best at our care. Rug restoration is one of our specialties and we do not fail in bringing your carpet with its previous splendor.

Rug Restoration Service with Proper Sanitization

Rug restoration is an essential part of sanitizing your rugs. Primarily, Oriental rugs are precious and can also be very expensive. It must be regularly cleaned so that it can be preserved and can hold its value for many years to come - just as it was intended when crafted. Because of the fibers in the rug, it can easily collect dust and dirt over time, losing its luster and color before you know it.

Additionally, your oriental rugs can get stained daily and apparently, pets like dogs or cats can bring stains to the rugs as well. These stubborn stains also need to be cleaned delicately so as not to damage the rugs.


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