Do You Need a Best Carpet Cleaner in Palm Beach Area

Dust to Dust

Have you ever stopped and wondered what remains at the bottom of your rug? Could it be dirty or very, very dirty? Is there a way to tell just by merely looking at it? If you took the rug outside to shake it out would you take out all the dust, dirt, debris, dust mites and allergens?  Just looking at the rug with your naked eye is impossible to see what lies in it. In this video, you are able to get a good glimpse of the steps that we take in cleaning your rug. This step is known as dusting.

Because we use air compression that blows out the dirt, it’s not being recycled and put back into your rug. This step is vital to the next steps to follow. Once your rug gets dusted, we then do a dye block to make absolutely sure that the rug will not bleed its color into any other parts of your rug.  This would damage your precious piece. We take every precaution to guarantee absolute satisfaction. If your rug has pet odor, we would apply a live enzyme, which would release the urine, then we’d wash, roll and repeat. We then use a squeegee and a lot more water until the water looks clean and clear.  Keep in mind that no harsh chemicals or steam is used in our plant.  After the wash is done, we then take your rug to the ringer to extract the excess water in your rug. Clear water must be seen, not tinted water or the rug will not pass this inspection. Now, your rug is put in the centrifuge where all the excess water will be completely spun out of the rug. Then comes the drying process, the fringe detail and the odor control evaluation. We make sure that your rug is totally dry so that it will not smell musty or grow mold. If it is, we comb thru every section of the fringe giving it that brand new look and then we make sure that the smell is nothing less than perfect. If we get the smallest whiff of odor, we will start the entire process all over again.

Being perfectionist, we engage in only employing the best. You are always welcome to come take a tour of our 5,000 square foot plant. Check out all the new improvements we have made. Our walls and floors are bright white so that you know we keep our plant clean and we don’t leave your rugs thrown just anywhere. We have been in business for over 25 years and we continue to serve and grow in Broward, Dade and the Palm Beach. Visit our website to see more blogs and videos to get more familiar with our work and our employees. We offer free pickup and delivery so that you can focus more on your everyday schedule. There is no reason to not have your rugs cleaned and cleaned by the best!