How to Choose a Reliable Rug Cleaning Miami

10 more days until Christmas!

The clock is ticking and time is flying by. In just 10 short days, it will be Christmas Day and your loved ones and friends will gather in your home to enjoy the holidays with you. Don’t let them be the ones to point out that horrible stench in your rugs. Don’t get caught unprepared. Let us clean your rugs and carpets for the holiday season. At Oriental Rug Care, our goal is to take pride in every rug we hand wash. Our unblemished record of 26 years speaks for itself. As our 5,000 square foot plant continues to grow, so does the long list of our return customers. We are happy to drive to your home or business and give you a free estimate. Remember that it’s at no cost to you.  All you must do is agreeing on the reasonable price and we give you and from there on, we will then do the rest. Our technicians will bring the rug back to our plant, where it will get dusted, hand washed, dried along with detailed fringe cleaning. We will then deliver the rug back to you. Every rug goes thru an extensive review by our quality control department before it leaves our plant. This step ensures that the rug not only looks beautiful and vibrant, but it smells great too! Remember that we offer a 100% guarantee for pet odor removal. Don’t let the smell of your cooking and decorations be over powered by the stink of pet odor. Enjoy the holidays, don’t stress over them.

Keeping in the theme of the holidays, you may want to lay your precious rug in front of a fireplace and just get cozy. If your rug has that old musty smell, relaxing isn’t going to be so easy.  Your mind will only be concentrating on the smell and not the joyous occasion or relaxation. This tedious task can be over with immediately if you only pick up the phone and call us. We are open 7 days a week and we are willing to drive to your destination.  Our technicians are experts on rug cleaning and if you have been shopping around for low prices, you will find that we can’t be beat. Our prices are reasonably cheap as our work is top quality. It speaks for itself. Let us earn your business.

If you are looking for repair and restorations on your rug, we can handle that too. We have two master weavers onsite. They are always willing to take on a new task as they are skilled and proficient. Once your rugs are brought into our plant, they stay only in our plant. They do not get contracted out to a third party for any type of cleaning or repairs. Our state of the art plant contains every tool needed so that we don’t have to risk losing your rugs by sending them out to another facility.  Enjoy the holiday. Spend more time with your family and friends instead of cleaning. Call us today to schedule your free in home estimate. Happy Holidays!