Best Rug Repair in Oriental Rug Care

‘Tis the season for giving

This customer is getting ready for the holidays as much as all of us are. When this rug came in to our plant, it came for cleaning only. The customer didn’t know we have an onsite repair department. When she found out, she was overjoyed.  Because she is getting her home ready for her holiday guests, she wanted everything to be perfect, including her rugs. In the photos you see, we are repairing the fringe that is completely depleted. Notice in the pictures the before damages that were on this rug. With time, wear and tear, the edging and fringing were all damaged. This didn’t mean that the customer should throw away her valued possession; it only meant that she should find the right source.


Since this rug is from the 1910-1920 era, it’s considered an antique and remains highly cherished by its owner. This rug is known as an Antique Persian Karaja made of wool. We will only repair a rug with the same material it was made with. We do not cut corners to save us cost. We give you exactly what you expect and want from an honest and reliable Oriental rug cleaning company. Because we have owned and operated our company for over two decades, we are very qualified and experienced in Oriental, Persian, silk and wool cleaning. This is just to name a small collection of rugs that we clean.


Not only do we specialize in repairs but we can also help you with pet odor problems. We can rid your rugs and carpets of hostile odors your pets leave behind. After all, you don’t want your holiday guests to see your home looking spectacular but smelling unpleasant.  As you may already know, the way your home smells determines how your guests feel. If your home smells clean and inviting, then your guests will feel relaxed and at ease. If your home smells soiled then your guests will feel edgy and disgusted. This is not what you want for your loved ones or yourself. Not to only mention the holiday season, but don’t you want to start the New Year off with a clean and sanitary home? Let us help you with some of your holiday preparations and New Year resolutions.  Again, we are the source for hand washed rug cleaning.


When this customer receives her rug back, not only will she feel as if Santa Claus went to her home. She will be thrilled and gratified like a child on Christmas morning.  Her home will be inviting, smelling fresh and she will have more time to spend with her family. As we all know, tis the season to give. Let us give you some peace of mind, quality satisfaction, and clean, fresh rugs. Most of all, instead of cleaning your rugs on your own, let us give you more quality time with your loved ones by doing this tedious task for you. Happy Holidays from all of us at Oriental rug care.