Rug Repair Boca Raton



This rug was brought into our plant for cleaning and repairs. This rug is known as an antique Persian Heriz rug. It was made in the 1920’s era. Heriz is a district in Northwest Iran. It is 40 miles west of Tabriz. This rug was brought to our plant so that our Master weavers could assess the damages from wear and tear and replace the edging. As you can see in the before pictures, it was quite damaged. This rug is an 11×8 sized rug so the repairs took a bit of time. Not to mention that our onsite repair department took their time in making sure that every stich was made with the best of care. Because it is made of wool and cotton, it only made sense to use the very same materials to repair it.  We are always thrilled to take on jobs like this because we are the source for your rug repair and restorations. Since our plant has an onsite repair department, your rugs never get sourced out to another company. We are experts in handmade repairs and restorations. When your rugs are repaired at our plant, they then get washed by our highly experienced technicians then inspected by our quality control department for any small stains, repairs or odors that may have possibly been overlooked.

These images speak for themselves. Because of the crafting of this rug, no machines were used to repair it. Everything was all done by hand. Since we have been in business for over two decades and is now a household name. We strive very hard for perfection and satisfaction. We never have hidden charges that catch our customers off guard and we are always honest about the work we will provide. We don’t take advantage of our customers as we want you to always return satisfied and confident with the job that we do. If you are in the middle of a “carpet repair dilemma”, call us to facilitate your rug cleaning needs.


When we delivered this piece back to its owner, he was ecstatic. The customer was thrilled that we were able to give him back his masterpiece fully repaired to it’s almost newly purchased look. The smell of the rug was fresh and the softness was even more than expected by the customer. This customer was so satisfied that we were asked to clean two more rugs once he saw this one completed.

In conclusion, make the tedious task of cleaning and repairing your rugs easier than it should be. Trust us to give you that high quality end result that you and your rugs deserve. We will not let you down and our services are of many to choose from. Call us today for your free estimate and pickup. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed. We’re just a call away!