Rug Cleaning Ft. Lauderdale

In thesevideos, you will see some of the cleaning procedures we incorporate when cleaning your precious pieces. This entire5 step process is used to clean each and every rug that comes thru our plant. Some rugs require more intense detailed work due to the fact that they may have mold, mildew, pet urine or water damage. We take into consideration the need of every rug and apply it accordingly. We treat each and every rug special so that you will not only be satisfied with the end result but so that we can make you content, making you a return customer. We use extra caution while cleaning your rugs because we know that they mean a lot to you. Since some are family heirlooms and others were purchased at a high cost, we do our very best to return your rug in a better condition. We have several steps that each rug must go through in order to be approved by our quality control department. If a rug does not pass our quality control department as being dirt and odor free, it will be re-evaluated, rewashed and then inspected once again. We have never cut corners to save us time or cost. We give it our best and that’s just one more reason that we are still in business after 26 years. Please enjoy the videos in this blog as we have many others on our website for your viewing pleasure. Not only will you get the complete concept of our techniques, but you will get a glimpse of our 5,000 square foot state of the art plant.

We hope you have enjoyed watching these videos as much as we did making them. We have several location numbers that will service your needs. Feel free to contact us as we are always willing to go to your home or residence and give you a free quote and pickup. Let us use our time and gas as we always make the needs of our customers a priority. We also invite you to come into our plant, get to know our highly experienced staff and take a tour. Our plant is remarkably clean and we strive for perfection in all that we do.  We have several treatments that we offer to fit the exact procedure for your particular rug cleaning. Again, continue to view our site and find out exactly what type of treatments fit your cleaning requirements. We will continue making this business a success by our customers being satisfied with our prices, treatments and our very intelligent customer service department.  You have the option of calling or emailing us to accommodate you. Why make this project more tedious than it needs to be? We have all the answers, equipment, staff, and know how to completely service your wants and needs. Quit looking any further, give us a call today as we are waiting to help you get started.