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What a tragedy this was for our customer to see his girlfriend’s rug in complete dismay. This rug was picked up by our technician after it was involved in a flood at the customer’s home.  This is an old Chinese rug from the 1920-1940 era.  It’s made of wool and cotton and is very sentimental to the customer. When he first called us, he was in shock. Being that this meant so much to his girlfriend, being a family heirloom, it was imperative that it was restored to its original condition. When “Joe” first discovered the soaked rug, it hadn’t grew mold on it yet. He decided to pull the rug out of the water and when he did that, it ripped. Like I said before, his girlfriend was deviated. He moved the extra heavy water filled rug and called us immediately. Knowing that we service residents in Jupiter, he had no hesitations in calling us for his free quote and pickup. We went for the rug that same day and began the drying process so that we could repair and wash it immediately. Our onsite Master Weaver assessed the damages, put together a plan to repair this rug to its original condition and in the pictures below, you will see the end result. We never do any repairs until the customer is notified of the complete process and cost so that nobody is caught off guard with any hidden charges. This is not our style.  It took about one full week to get this rug dried, repaired and thoroughly cleaned.



When this rug was complete, the customer was notified and he was so content to hear that we were able to salvage his girlfriend’s family heirloom. He was so happy to see the end result, he asked us to send some pictures so that he could put his girlfriend’s mind at ease. When he got the pictures, he was overjoyed with the end results. When you see the pictures below, you will see why he was so thrilled. Our Master Weavers are the best! They are very, very experienced and skilled at what they do.



 Our cleaning technicians are also extremely knowledgeable as well as our customer service reps. Search no more, for you have found the best! We have been in business for over two decades and we will continue to earn and keep your business for years to come. We service all of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Call us anytime for your free quote and estimate. We are here to serve your every need in total rug repair and restoration.