Rug Repair Miami


In these images that old saying comes to mind, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is a rug that has been brought into our plant for repairs. This type of rug is known as a Tabriz. It’s generally from the era of 1910 and 1920. It is now considered an antique. This rug will be fixed all by hand and will take a significant amount of time and special attention from our Master Weaver that is always on site. This rug has 150 knots per square inch. Our Master Weaver will need to use glasses while repairing this beauty. The rug has been damaged from normal wear and tear. It has been laying in a high traffic walking area. At Oriental Rug Care there are numerous repair and restorations that are being made daily. This is just one of the many services we offer to our customers. We value our name, reputation and customers therefore we only provide the best services possible. Our 5,000 sq. foot plant has an onsite repair and restoration department specifically dedicated to these types of repairs. Come in any day of the week and visit our plant. Get familiar with our 5 step cleaning process and enjoy a beverage of your choice while enjoying the tour.


Oriental Rug Care is the best source for repairs, restorations, and cleaning and mold removal. Since we have been in business for over two decades, nobody can beat our unblemished track record. Our customers keep happily returning, and they also send us new business from their family and friends.   We enjoy hearing the wonderful stories that each and every rug has behind it. Although some customers are not quite comfortable with letting us use their name in our blogs, they never have resentments in letting us take pictures of their beautiful treasured rugs. We have heard so many amazing stories behind the rugs that are brought into our plant. Some stories have sentimental memories and some stories are about how the customer came across their rug. Either way, we still enjoy cleaning these fine pieces because we know how much it means to our customer and we want to show that we take pride in every rug that is brought into our plant. We specialize in fringe cleaning. This is a step that other companies don’t take pride in.


Ever since we first opened our doors to the public, we had a vision. That vision was to accommodate each and every customer and rug with the proper care and cleaning it required. Since we are still in business after two decades, it goes without saying that we are doing everything correct to serve all our customers. In our website you will find the number to the location you live closest to. You can call us anytime for your free estimate and pick up. When we are completely done with the cleaning of the rug, we will call you to set up a free delivery. You will find our prices to be the best, hands down. We provide quality care with affordable prices. Let our work speak for itself. Call us today to get the best rug cleaning experience ever.